Passion that began since his early days, Chris Nick has always been fascinated with fashion—the glamour it exudes and the exclusivity of it all. The designer studied in export management, and fashion and design marketing, where he started creating his collections.

After going through different styles, until falling back to what he truly embodies – class – he finds luxury in how clothes show confidence and power that is reflected in every piece. An inspiration to create his personal utopia of men and women dressing up in confidence, his masterpieces have since then known to have a certain look—the Chris Nick look, a mix of both feminine and masculine elements that reflect the designer, as a person.

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True to its inspiration, each piece glorifies true sophistication and class, with each timeless fit that makes the person wearing it truly powerful and confident beyond words.

Chris Nick represents the merge of masculine and feminine elements, a symbol of enduring power. Taking inspiration from the designer's most favourite city in the world, Paris, he brings the era of old Hollywood to the modern times. To create a version that reflects the modern times, project a version in each piece, the designer's own take of a romanticized version of it all in present times, giving a taste and feel of it all.

The signature Chris Nick look epitomizes strong aura
beyond silhouettes—a timeless and elegant look
that is understated but very sexy,
luxurious but never overdone.